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Your Best Partner for Delivering High-Class Services in your Digital Transformation Path. 


With a highly qualified and experienced team in cutting-edge technology, we help enterprises and service providers worldwide to gain full competitive edge by adopting cloud infrastructure services and intelligence (AI/ML) solutions from top vendors.
We excel in cloud architecture design, implementation, migration and optimization for both legacy services and emerging technologies.
We help companies to get confident in the application of AI and Machine Learning in their day to day business, to remain competitive over the next years and decades.

Cloud Services

Our company covers a wide range of consulting, implementation and migration services required to transition from a traditional infrastructure to a cloud solution.

- Consulting
- Implementation
- Migration 

AI & ML Services

We help companies to identify use cases in which AI/ML can improve or automate their business solutions. We apply AI/ML algorithms to data silos to provide with accurate predictions, actionable insights and help for business decision-making.

- Data Processing
- Model Selection
- Training and Evaluation
- Model Tweaking and Prediction 


We use the most modern platforms and technologies.


Operco is a flexible company for a successful cooperation. 

Project Based

End-to-End Delivery project. In this model, we get the requirements from client, then we assemble a team to develop, test, and deploy our solution. 

Consultancy Services

Even if a client does not plan to work with us we can help in consultancy. With diverse
team with different knowledge and expertise, we can help you choose best case scenario based on state-of-the-art solutions. 

Embedded Team 

If a client needs help scaling, we offer our experts with the specific skills set to join clients existing teams and help finish project within deadline and quality expectations. 

About Us

Our company provides comprehensive IT services at cost-effective rates to both small and large businesses. We offer services that connect the People, Places and Things together.  
Our company is composed of a talented and experienced team, some of them have worked for vendors like AT&T, CISCO, Tellabs, Verizon and Vodafone UK as contractors. Our team uses the latest technology and methods to provide best services to our clients. We maintain an internal culture based on curiosity, creativity and open communication.

Our values


We believe that building strong
and long term relationships with
our customers determines how
successful we will be. 


Solutions offered by us are
customized to meet your
specific business requirements. 


We can offer flexible solutions
and add functionalities across
multiple platforms to aid
business growth. 


We believe in maintaining
sustainable relationships with
our customers, whereby our
aim is to provide budget-friendly
quality services. 

Why Operco?

We think differently

We turn theoretical ideas and concepts into reality. Our imagination and creativity are the foundation of every Operco solution.

We think quality

We always provide our clients with several solutions options and together with them we choose the best (optimal) one. Quality is everything we do.

We think modernly

We specialize in the latest technologies. We develop modern applications and unique user interaction experiences.

We think and act quickly

We use Agile approach to be able to work more collaboratively, to release things sooner and to get feedback faster. 

Contact Us

Mbretresha Teute,  40000 Mitrovice Kosovo

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